Frequently Asked Questions...and Their Answers

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Do I have to make a long-term committment?

No! We ask for your setup fee and one-month's payment. After that you can pay month to month.

Do I need to write a bunch of text for my website?

Only if you want to. Of course you can write text for your home page or your biographical information page, but you can also choose from different pre-written text samples. We also provide an online interview process where we gather a few pieces of relevant information and then create some text for your site that's customized to you.

How long does it take to get my site up?

From the time you complete your application, provide us with required mls documents and some information about yourself, it normally takes 3 business days or less.

What if I already have a website, can I get a FLEXISS site to replace it?

Sure, and you can still use your domain name. Just go through the normal application process and make sure that you indicate what your current domain name is.

Will my site show up on the search engines?

We always make sure the sites we build are "search engine friendly". This does not guarantee you high rankings on the search engines. The ways of the search engines are indeed mysterious, however we can guarantee you that nothing in the way we build websites will hinder your site from getting indexed and cataloged by the search engines. We are certified in search engine marketing, so if you're interested in a search engine marketing campaign, please contact us for details.

Can I Add More Pages to My Website?

Certainly. If you have a special emphasis, such as commercial property, foreclosures, first-time buyers, whatever, you might want to devote a whole page to that. We can usually add a page to your site for as little as $50, and with no increase to your monthly charges.

What if I Want a Custom Website?

Also not a problem. We can do a custom design for an additional $250, or we can build an entirely custom website and quote according to your specifications.

I Represent a LARGE Brokerage Office. Can You Do a Website Tailored to Our Needs?

Absolutely. We have an office version of our IDX solution that has worked well for offices from 5 associate brokers up to 100 associate brokers. Contact us for more details.

I Represent a SMALL Brokerage Office. Can You Do a Website Tailored to Our Needs?

Once again, we have a solution to meet your needs. Contact us for more details.

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